Monday, March 1, 2010

Me again

'WOW look at me I'M STANDING! okay yes i'm holding onto a Park bench but technically it's still standing YES!... Okay but you can still give me some baby points for trying'

'Ho no... again with the camera! Can't someone just crawl around the house in the nude without someone else pointing a bloody camera at them!'

'I'm just starting to get use to this one, hes a bit of a hand full..... I like him'

'Me again'

'Hi, just perfect little me again'

Sunday, February 14, 2010


'What are you doing with that camera? No your not going to take a naked photo of ME!'

'Okay you took a photo of me in the nuddy har har you cheeky little sod, now you can delete it just as quick before I get my hands on that camera'

'I just don't believe this.... how embarrassment, if your going to keep me in here the least you could do is feed me'!

'I'll get you back big time, you just wait'

Monday, February 8, 2010

Photo shoot time

'Me and the wild child, yes he scares me BIG TIME, but with a bit of work
i'm sure we can start to get our stories together, then theres nothing that can
stand in our way ha,ha,ha' (scary laugh)

'You said WHAT! where out of baby food! Well don't just stand their..... on ya bike dad'

Yes it's NEWCASTLE KNIGHTS Jersey time where the new little kiddy on the block, has to wear the jersey that Debra gave back to us when Jacko was born. True Jacko use to wear this Knights jersey when he was a little tucker, so it's been handed down threw the years. Hopefully for the last TIME!!!!!

'This is Harry feeding yours truly, thanks big boy i'm just starving here.... told you I could get him working for me'

'Me and big sis Sarah just hanging out together, but it would be a lot better if she was feeding me hay'

'Don't just look at me.... FEED ME'!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Me and the kid's

'Thats me and my sis n' bros'

'And this is my BIG BROTHER Jacko, his real cool but I have to keep watching him, between you and me I think he wants to take me up to the top of Dads shed.... and see if I can fly'!

'Well Sarah you can feed me anytime you want too, she's real cool and looks after me all the time.... thanks big sis'

'This one is called Harrison and I think with a bit of work, I can have him working for me by the end of the year. His a bit softer then his older brother, but there's just one I have to keep an eye on'

'This one just freaks me out'!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some more stuff about ME!

This is my mob... That's my oldest brother Jacko, and theres Harrison in frount of me. My sister Sarah ..... scaring me and big boffa Oscar! How did I get mixed up with this mob?

Here's me big big brother Harrison, his the good brother.

That's me doing..... well doing not much but hay it's still me!

Me and my big big big brother Jacko, you have to keep an eye on this one.

That's me again.... in this photo I was just tucked out from a hard day's crying, drinking and pooping!

And well.... that's me again.... well it is my blog hay!

Okay okay i'm just a little baby..... stop jumping about you mob of crazy prawns!