Monday, February 8, 2010

Photo shoot time

'Me and the wild child, yes he scares me BIG TIME, but with a bit of work
i'm sure we can start to get our stories together, then theres nothing that can
stand in our way ha,ha,ha' (scary laugh)

'You said WHAT! where out of baby food! Well don't just stand their..... on ya bike dad'

Yes it's NEWCASTLE KNIGHTS Jersey time where the new little kiddy on the block, has to wear the jersey that Debra gave back to us when Jacko was born. True Jacko use to wear this Knights jersey when he was a little tucker, so it's been handed down threw the years. Hopefully for the last TIME!!!!!

'This is Harry feeding yours truly, thanks big boy i'm just starving here.... told you I could get him working for me'

'Me and big sis Sarah just hanging out together, but it would be a lot better if she was feeding me hay'

'Don't just look at me.... FEED ME'!